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I recently downloaded PyQt, which allows me to make GUI’s for my python scripts. I found this website to explain the ins and outs of PyQt. It had one page with some examples and slides dedicated to designing a GUI and implementing it in your python code. It however didn’t fully explain the details. After […]

The people from the HiRISE camera on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter just released their own software for viewing the images: HiView. HiView can be easily used within ArcGIS 10. You need to follow these steps: Download the HiRISE footprints shapefile here from the Mars Orbital Data Explorer. Add the shapefile to ArcMap. Go to Layer […]

For a website I want to make myself an island. I did some internet searching and here’s what I found: Just python: Diamond-square random terrain generator Planet Terrain Heightmap Generator Using Blender: Blender terrain creator script Innerworld Needing Linux I guess: Virtual Terrain Project. Delaunay Triangulation and Application to Terrain Generation Javascript noise! Lithosphere […]

Here in Lilongwe, Malawi we have a 2GB per month account for internet. Large sites such as YouTube and Facebook will drain this amount rapidly. Luckily between six o’clock and six in the morning the bandwidth is unlimited. During the day however we want to use a minimal amount of bandwidth. Therefore I started to […]

As a geoscientist I found the following software really interesting: “GPlates is a free-software / open-source plate-tectonics visualisation package. The GPlates program enables interactive reconstruction and manipulation of plate-tectonic structures through geological time, coupled with temporally-aware Geographic Information System (GIS) functionality. The GPlates program is accompanied by user manuals and royalty-free, copyright-unrestricted data.” Site | […]

Open With Arguments Open Command Window Here, SyncToy e.v.a. Mp3tag Notepad++ Comodo Firewall Audacity VMware Player, handig programma om Linux of andere OS als Virtual Machine te laden. Hier vind je allemaal prefab downloads, zoals Ubuntu en Fedora. VirtualDub Inkscape, een gratis alternatief voor Adobe Illustrator. Freemind, een gratis mind mapping programma. PureText Remove Empty […]

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