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For 10 days this summer I attended the summer course “Volcanism, Plate Tectonics, Hydrothermal Vents and Life” on Terceira island, the Azores, Portugal. I myself research the interplay between tectonics and volcanism on Mars, so the summer course looked quite promising. The course however turned out to have a big emphasis on the latter subject, […]

Als geen-TV bezitter bekijk ik zo nu en dan programma’s via Uitzending Gemist. Zo ook Missie Aarde, van de VPRO, op TV uitgezonden Januari dit jaar. In het kort: onze Aarde is door klimaatverandering bijna onbewoonbaar geworden en alleen Nederland is nog niet overstroomd. Echt grappig om bij de intro de perfecte landgrenzen van Nederland […]

Last month I noticed a new paper by Sandwell et al.  in Science. It’s about: “New marine gravity anomaly map derived from satellite altimetry reveals tectonic structures of the ocean basins in unprecedented detail, especially in areas covered by thick sediments.” They provided a download link to the data and I was able to easily […]

I just saw the following HiRISE image while browing through my ArcGIS Mars database: It made me wonder why these dunes only form at the edge of the plateau… When zoomed in the dunes also show a strange pattern: Is this water ice? The image can be viewed by downloading HiView and pointing it to […]

The people from the HiRISE camera on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter just released their own software for viewing the images: HiView. HiView can be easily used within ArcGIS 10. You need to follow these steps: Download the HiRISE footprints shapefile here from the Mars Orbital Data Explorer. Add the shapefile to ArcMap. Go to Layer […]

Settings > Databases > Add: OR moon

When searching in online databases for scientific papers it is only possible to search for keywords. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to search geographically? You can of course search for geography as keyword but what if you were able to select a certain area (on a globe select an area of interest) and […]

As a geoscientist I found the following software really interesting: “GPlates is a free-software / open-source plate-tectonics visualisation package. The GPlates program enables interactive reconstruction and manipulation of plate-tectonic structures through geological time, coupled with temporally-aware Geographic Information System (GIS) functionality. The GPlates program is accompanied by user manuals and royalty-free, copyright-unrestricted data.” Site | […]

According to a recent study by Chang et al. (2007) the Yellowstone caldera has begun a rapid uplift (as large as 7 cms/yr) in 2004. The uplift is three times larger then previous measurements. It is interpreted to be caused by recharging of the Yellowstone magma chamber below the caldera. The Yellowstone caldera itself was […]

I was wondering how many movies with a natural science subject (geology, planets, solar system, that sort of thing) were made the last couple of years: Dante’s Peak (1997) / Volcano (1997) Deep Impact (1998) / Armageddon (1998) Mission to Mars (2000) / Red Planet (2000) The Core (2003) The Day After Tomorrow (2004) Sunshine (2007)