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I recently saw The Martian in the cinema. The story is based on a book with the same title by Andy Weir. I still have to read the book, but I found the movie to be quite nice. It can perhaps best be summarized as ‘MacGyver in Space’ and deals with the adventures of astronaut […]

I recently installed CHDK on my Canon PowerShot SX200IS camera. CHDK is an alternative firmware which adds all sorts of nice features such as saving in RAW format and running custom scripts. One sample script (hdr.bas) I tested allows for taking various images of the same location, but with different exposure times. This is called […]

I recently downloaded PyQt, which allows me to make GUI’s for my python scripts. I found this website to explain the ins and outs of PyQt. It had one page with some examples and slides dedicated to designing a GUI and implementing it in your python code. It however didn’t fully explain the details. After […]

It is very to make simple SVG vectors for Raphael JS on a website using Inkscape. Download and install Inkscape. Open Inkscape and create your vector drawing. Place your vector drawing in the upper left corner and keep it selected. Make sure the drawing is one vector (Path > Simplify (CTRL-L) and/or Path > Combine […]

What I miss is a version management system on my computer. I have so much digital space on my harddrive, so why do I need to delete things for example in a word document? Why not have ‘track changes’ on all the time. Like a wiki you can go back in time to see previous […]

When searching in online databases for scientific papers it is only possible to search for keywords. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to search geographically? You can of course search for geography as keyword but what if you were able to select a certain area (on a globe select an area of interest) and […]

Wouldn’t it be nice to rank sites not only on their link’ness (the amount of other sites which are linking back to them) but also on the quality or the type of language used. Take an online English dictionary as input and create divisions like ‘easy reading’, ‘scientific text’ and ‘literature’. You could index blogs […]

Een ideetje voor een spelling check programaatje. Je selecteert een woord ergens in Word, Notepad of waar dan ook, eindigende op d of t, vervolgens druk je op een sneltoets en dan gaat het programma checken via google welke meer hits geeft. Bijvoorbeeld: gevraagt of gevraagd. Die pagina moet je lijkt me toch zien te extracten en dan uit […]

I wondered if perhaps visual ways are available to create code, and there are. One example is Mindscript, which is open source. It is so much more intuitive to create code graphically. Another example is Lava (again open source: sourceforge…). Here is an example of editing code in Lava. Other examples are Limnor (99$), Subtext (Open Source) […]

I recently started programming in Visual Basic for Applications. You can use it to create macro scripts within Excel, as an example. I’m going to use it within ArcGIS. It is f.e. possible to create little automation tools, or algorithms which do calculations on raster and/or vector data. The nice thing about ArcGIS is that […]