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ARKOSS. Just hear that BASS! The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble. The track ‘Lobby’ is great! Blockhead PH03N!X (Jack’n 4 Beats)

Tijdens mijn muzikale omzwervingen kwam ik een paar jaar geleden terecht bij Shpongle. Ja, Shpongle, dat leest u goed. Shpongle bestaat uit het duo Simon Posford en Raja Ram, plus een aantal collaborerende muzikanten. Beiden zijn ook bij andere muziekprojecten betrokken; Simon Posford maakt in zijn eentje bijvoorbeeld psychedelische trance onder de naam Hallucinogen. Shpongle […]

Some things are rooted in sci-fi culture, you see them popping up in different movies or books. One of these things is matter transfer. We know it from Star Trek (Beam me up Scotty!), The Fly and Stargate. What if it wasn’t science fiction, what if within 10 years this will be a normal thing, […]

Just grabbed this list from wikipedia: Ferby Boys Talamasca 1200 micrograms Skazi Sesto Sento GMC (Growling Mad Scientists) ESKIMO Astrix Astral Projection No Psytrance but still cool: John Acquaviva And finally, some Psytrance radio:

By Kirk Jones (2044) I love fireworks and its too bad that here on the Moon we do not celebrate new years eve the old fashioned way. However we do have our share of fireworks, albeit a more natural version: meteor showers. Especially the Quadrantid meteor shower makes all of us lunars to go outside. […]

I’ve seen this term popping up at some sites and even Wikimedia has a page about it. But I guess what I would propose WikiScience stands for is different from the other uses: scientific writing mainly based on wikipedia references. Is this feasible? Is it desirable? I just thought about it because I would like […]

First TV Image of Mars Ever Was Made With Crayons

An ‘Organic Organization’ is organized in such a way that its expertise evolves in time. This evolution is triggered by events such as people being hired, people going away and the changing market. The workers with their unique networks cause the organization to go into a certain direction, which can change in time. This is […]

After having neglected Hyves music for almost a year I wondered if there was anything new and cool going on. So I looked at the latest artist additions of which I found the following ones strikingly cool: Adani and Wolf (more music on their MySpace) Proper MaJah Diggedyswheng? Diggedyshweng? I especially liked their Round Midnight […]