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Een Leffe is beschikbaar in meerdere Leffels: Leffel 1: Leffe Blond Leffel 2: Leffe Dubbel Leffel 3: Leffe Triple

I saw a French world map at a friends place which described the strait between Greenland and Iceland as ‘Détroit de Danemark’. This would mean that the US town Detroit was originally French. Searching on wikipedia gave a positive response. It was originally founded by the Frenchman Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac in 1701. As […]

Continuation of my first Musical Connections post. Just found out that the lead singer of Ko?n, Jonathan Davis, sings on the track ‘Smashing the Opponent’ of Infected Mushroom’s latest album Legend of the Black Shawarma. So that makes: Frank Zappa > Terry Bozzio > Korn > Infected Mushroom ? Shpongle. Same genre a bit, so […]

A friend of mine said, “you should check out Trentemøller, it sounds like Shpongle”. As I’m always in for new music this reference to Shpongle made me curious. Through Google I found the artist’s Wikipedia and his MySpace. Those are the two sites I limit myself to when I’m checking out new music. Trentemøller is […]

Ik houd van het Brood. We drinken het zo nu en dan, altijd een evenement. U moet niet vergeten, het Brood is 50cl. Echter, het bevat weinig alcohol. Het ziet er naar uit dat het voornamelijk door een grinder vermalen reeks granen bevat. En dat vind ik prima. Dat vinden wij prima. We drinken het […]

I was wondering, are all the musicians I like connected? With ‘connected’ I mean one musician having played with the other musician. So, for example, how many steps does it take to get from Frank Zappa to Shpongle? Because Shpongle is such a specific type of music – e.g. Psybient – I thought this would […]