MountSharpCuriosityMarsMy name is Jelmer Oosthoek and I have spent most of my working life on Mars. Not literally of course, I’ve been working in the field of Planetary Geology. This meant looking at the Martian surface up-close-and-personal through satellite images and other types of data. I personally have focused on the regional to continental scale of things, but at those locations on Mars eyed by the HiRISE camera you can see objects as small as 25 cm. Since 2003, the year I started writing my bachelor thesis, I have looked at four regions on Mars: both polar regions, the chaotic crater Aram and recently the enigmatic tectonics in Noachis Terra.

Nowadays I feel like ‘the boy who came back from Mars’ as my focus has become more down to Earth. I guess focusing on another planet made me realize how special our own planet is. Furthermore, in 2010-2011, I have spent a small year in southern Africa and this really made me aware how fast our anthroposphere is growing. All this got me interested in the many efforts to transition to a sustainable human civilization: Natural Capitalism, Biomimicry, the Blue Economy, Industrial Ecology, Cradle 2 Cradle, Restorative Ecology, Circular Economy and much more. I won’t forget my time on Mars though. I hope to contribute with this blog by writing about both space and sustainability related topics. I’m especially interested in the question how the space endeavor and the sustainability effort can reinforce each other.

I write in English and Dutch and will occasionally write about other topics too. I also have a page about my photographic work. I’m fascinated by both the natural and the human world, and how they interplay, always searching for something unexpected, in the light, the geometry or the shape. My photos are made using a simple Canon Powershot SX200 IS camera, occasionally using the CHDK firmware.

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