Grassroots mapping

Thursday , 11, August 2011

I’m amazed. Grassroots mapping is something I had never heard of before. It’s a do-it-yourself method of making maps. A kite or balloon puts a camera high in the sky to make scenic pictures. A GPS on board makes it possible to georeference the data to make a nice map. There is a laboratory researching it. The BBC has an item about it. The company GonzoEarth does it commercially. And it has even been used in space as can be seen from the movie below:

One thought on “ : Grassroots mapping”
  • gerson says:

    Ah! I lately thought about this video and where I did see it! Might be yours then! 😀
    btw: you changed the picture on top. It is very grave and dark. Changing moods?

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