Making terrain

Friday , 8, July 2011

For a website I want to make myself an island. I did some internet searching and here’s what I found:

  1. Just python:
    1. Diamond-square random terrain generator
    2. Planet Terrain Heightmap Generator
  2. Using Blender:
    1. Blender terrain creator script
    2. Innerworld
  3. Needing Linux I guess:
  4. Virtual Terrain Project.
  5. Delaunay Triangulation and Application to Terrain Generation
  6. Javascript noise!
  7. Lithosphere Terrain Generator
  8. ESRI ArcGIS scientific addon tool, maybe also makes terrains:
  9. Terraform.
  10. Animate Dream, using Panda 3D.

The (free) software I finally chose by the way is called Wilbur. And the funny thing is that I knew about it for ages already!

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