Musical Connections (2)

Saturday , 29, August 2009

Continuation of my first Musical Connections post.

Just found out that the lead singer of Ko?n, Jonathan Davis, sings on the track ‘Smashing the Opponent’ of Infected Mushroom’s latest album Legend of the Black Shawarma. So that makes: Frank Zappa > Terry Bozzio > Korn > Infected Mushroom ? Shpongle. Same genre a bit, so the question is, did Shpongle and Infected Mushroom ever play together? Still under investigation…

Another interesting development originated when I searched for Colonel Claypool and General Patton, e.g. Les Claypool and Mike Patton. Claypool is the bass player of the band Primus and he used his nickname Colonel Claypool with two side projects called:

  1. Colonel Claypool’s Bucket Of Bernie Brains
  2. Colonel Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade

Patton used General Patton on the album General Patton Vs The X-Ecutioners by the X-Ecutioners. I figure they must know each other. Don’t know of any Claypool-Patton collaboration however.

One of the sites I found during the search for Colonel Claypool and General Patton was this one. It lists a variety of bands / groups / musicians linked to each other (lead by or ones who collaborated with Claypool or Patton). Most of them I’ve mentioned already: Primus, Mr. Bungle, Praxis, Buckethead, Tomahawk. But a band unknown to me, Fantômas, provides me with the Zappa-Shpongle link I’ve searched for. It is a band started by Mike Patton and although it’s main drummer is Dave Lombardo of Slayer, they’ve toured with Terry Bozzio. And that brings me to the final connection: Frank Zappa > Terry Bozzio > Mike Patton > Bill Laswell > Matisyahu > The Crystal Method > Alan Parsons > Shpongle. So finally, a connection!

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    great piece of article, I always thought those two sick brains must have done smt together sometime.


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