Saturday , 8, August 2009

A friend of mine said, “you should check out Trentemøller, it sounds like Shpongle”. As I’m always in for new music this reference to Shpongle made me curious. Through Google I found the artist’s Wikipedia and his MySpace. Those are the two sites I limit myself to when I’m checking out new music. Trentemøller is the stage name for Anders Trentemøller, a Danish electronic musician. He has released two albums, The Last Resort (2006) and The Trentemøller Chronicles (2007). Listening to his music on MySpace I couldn’t find the similarity between Shpongle, but that didn’t mind, Trentemøller is something different.

The track which got me hooked is ‘take me into your skin’. It is the 7th track on his MySpace music player and the 1st track on his The Last Resort album. Thing is, the atmosphere created in this track reminds me of Tokyo. Although I’ve been to Tokyo myself I think the link here is the movie Lost in Translation (which was the reason for to go to Tokyo in the first place). There is one scene where Charlotte can’t sleep during the night. She is alone in her hotel room and through the windows you can see late night Tokyo. The music accompanying this scene is the song ‘Are You Awake?’ by Kevin Shield (the 14th track on the Lost in Translation soundtrack). Somehow these two songs have the same atmosphere, both are very ‘light’ with a sense of melancholy. That is of course my interpretation. What I really like about ‘take me into your skin’ is a sound echo which occurs for example on 2:50 and 3:10.

I also listened to the other MySpace tracks but ‘take me into your skin’ made the strongest impression. If he ever plays in the Netherlands I will definitely go.

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