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I was on the bus from Lilongwe, Malawi to Johannesburg, South Africa. This 36 hour bus ride was an experience on itself. Next to playing a lot of Zambian pop music they also played the following movie:

Last minute… Zoals altijd pakte ik alles weer last minute in. Maar omdat we het vertrek naar Schiphol zo ruim hadden genomen was dat geen probleem. Op Utrecht Centraal kwam ik Gj tegen die zich als een ware survivalist in army kleuren had uitgerust, met zijn veel te zware backpack (dag 2 had hij nog […]

Here in Lilongwe, Malawi we have a 2GB per month account for internet. Large sites such as YouTube and Facebook will drain this amount rapidly. Luckily between six o’clock and six in the morning the bandwidth is unlimited. During the day however we want to use a minimal amount of bandwidth. Therefore I started to […]

Just imagine some people buy a minefield in Mozambique and let (rich)people run little remote controlled minesweeper cars through the field via the internet. The cars have a webcam plus sensing equipment, and you can buy extra enforcements if you want. Depending on how many mines you detect you van win a prize.

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