Hacking my photo camera

Wednesday , 2, January 2013

I recently installed CHDK on my Canon PowerShot SX200IS camera. CHDK is an alternative firmware which adds all sorts of nice features such as saving in RAW format and running custom scripts.

One sample script (hdr.bas) I tested allows for taking various images of the same location, but with different exposure times. This is called High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging. I changed the script so it creates 15 images, one normal, 7 brighter and 7 darker ones. The values for the exposure I found in this table.

As I have the older Photoshop version CS2 I happily found this link which describes how to merge HDR photos in CS2. I took 15 test photos inside the house and merged the 15 RAW (DNG) files using CS2. And here is the result:

The smaller teacup on the right is from the first image taken with normal exposure. The bigger teacup is the HDR result. I didn’t make the right teacup smaller, both images here are zoomed to 100%. So the HDR really adds more detail and clarity!

Tomorrow its time for outdoor pictures!

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