Make Raphael SVG in Inkscape

Saturday , 11, September 2010

It is very to make simple SVG vectors for Raphael JS on a website using Inkscape.

  1. Download and install Inkscape.
  2. Open Inkscape and create your vector drawing.
  3. Place your vector drawing in the upper left corner and keep it selected.
  4. Make sure the drawing is one vector (Path > Simplify (CTRL-L) and/or Path > Combine (CTRL-K).
  5. Go to Edit > XML Editor and expand <svg:g …… >.
  6. Click on <svg:path …… > and select the d attribute.
  7. Copy the attribute value (a string of numbers and letters) to your clipboard.
  8. Download Raphael JS and include the javascript in your website.
  9. Use the javascript code described here and paste the copied string into the proper location within this code.

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