Introduction VBA

Thursday , 7, June 2007

I recently started programming in Visual Basic for Applications. You can use it to create macro scripts within Excel, as an example. I’m going to use it within ArcGIS. It is f.e. possible to create little automation tools, or algorithms which do calculations on raster and/or vector data. The nice thing about ArcGIS is that it consists of objects (called ArcObjects) which can be controlled by VBA (or any other object oriented programming language). It is f.e. possible to follow mouse events (click, doubleclick, mousedown, mouseup, etc) and create corresponding actions. I knew this sort of stuff only from website design, but this is much more fun. One irritating issue however is that the VBA editor doesn’t scroll, but some googling brought me this solution. Overall, I want to start using VBA to create handy tools for geological analysis using GIS.

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